How can I install or re-install a game?

If you are installing a purchased game, All Access game or a free trial of a game, the information below can help.


To install:
- Go to the site or Games Manager
- Select a game you wish to download
- From the game page click 'Play Now'

- This will begin the install process - Click the file in the bottom left.

*Be sure you are minding the pop up boxes to complete the install.



For Free Trial or Free with Ads games:
That is it! After installation, you will then have the free trial or the free with ads version of the game.



For All Access games:
If you are logged into the account your All Access subscription is under, the game will play as All Access after it is installed. If you are an All Access subscriber and experiencing problems getting into All Access please click HERE.



For Purchased games:
After the free trial of the game has been installed, you can click 'Turn off ads' or launch and exit the game.

Upon exit, a screen will appear asking you to purchase, sign in or activate. In the top right, click the 'Active' button. Then enter the email address on file a the time of purchase. The email address acts as the activation code.


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