Why can I not get into All Access?


If you are unable to play an eligible game as All Access there are a few things you should confirm:

- Make sure you are logged in. If you are logged in, your username should be stated at the top left of the Games Manager.

- Verify that your subscription is currently active by clicking on the "Membership Info" tab within your account pages. Then ensure that your All Access subscription is showing paid through at least the current date.




If you have ensured that you are logged in under an account with an active All Access subscription, the next steps below are most helpful:

- Ensure that the game in question is All Access enabled.  This information will be available from the game's download detail page. Most of the games are All Access enabled with a few exceptions premium games, collectors editions etc...

- If you are experiencing difficulty maintaining a "logged in" state or if it says you are logged in yet preforms differently than expected,  please close the iWin Games Manager, clear your Internet Explorer browser history completely, and then try again. Clearing the cache in Internet Explorer will improve the iWin Games manager performance.

- Reinstall the game itself, in case the version of the game on your computer is a "pre-Access one": How can I install your download games for free trials or for All Access titles?

-Ensure you are installing to a compatible device. Please note that as our games are PC downloadable only and in light All Access subscription functionality will only work on PC platforms. The All Access subscription cannot be accessed via Macs, mobile or tablet devices.

- If you are still not able to play the game as All Access, please make sure your local date and time are set correctly on your PC. Having the date or time set incorrectly may interfere with your subscription be recognized as active.

Please Note: Windows uses the time set for any file created or modified.

You need to open Date and Time program from the control panel. Here's how you do it:


From your task pane, Click Start -> Control Panel.



Place your mouse in the upper-right corner of the screen, and when the menu pops up on the right side, click on the Settings charm. Then click on Control Panel...



Click Date and Time tab.


Click the Change time zone... button (or maybe a Time Zone tab at the top depending on your operating system) to change the time zone.

Click the drop-down arrow and click your current time zone. If you want your computer's clock to be adjusted automatically when daylight saving time changes, check Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes box.



If you are still facing issues playing All Access games titles, please file a support ticket for further assistance. In your support ticket, please include the title of the game as well as the exact details of the failure point so we may better help you.

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