How can I submit my iWin Games Log For Diagnostic Purposes?

How to access your iWin Games Manager Log file for submission to support.

1. Launch the iWin Games Manager 

2. Navigate to the settings section of the iWin Games Manager (Cog Icon in the Lower Right Hand Corner of the Games Manager Window)

 3. Within the setting section - Click on the option to "Download GM Log File" 

 4. A pop-up window will appear asking you where you wish to save the "gm.log" file - The default location is set to your Windows Desktop.

 5. Click on save - And the iWin Games Manager will write the "gm.log' file to your chosen location.

6. Attach the "gm.log" file you just saved to your support ticket or attach it in your reply to an email from customer support. 

7. Your "gm.log" will then be sent to iWin and by providing this information - Our engineers will be able to troubleshoot the problem more effectively and hopefully, we can get you back playing your games as quickly as possible.

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