How can I change my game from full screen to Windowed mode (or vice versa)?


When playing a download game, you can play the game in two modes; Full Screen or Windowed.  Full screen means exactly what is says, the game will take up the whole monitor.  While Windowed displays the game in a window that fits in your monitor.  Due to the different resolutions that you can set your comptuer to and the type of monitor you are using, some games are better played in one mode versus the other.  Some newer LCD monitors do not allow a game to change its native resolution (which is what playing a game in full screen mode will do), in this situation, it is better play the game in windowed mode. In order to change the mode you are playing in you will need to open the options window in your game.  This is usually found in your game's main menu.  Here is an example of the options page in the game Jewel Quest 2.  The game is currently in Windowed mode because there is NO check mark in the "Full Screen" option.  If you want to play the game in Full Screen mode, simply place a check mark in the "Full Screen" box and click on the OK button.


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