As a Club iWin subscriber, where can I find my monthly free game?

Active Club iWin and All Access subscribers can locate the featured monthly free game title directly from their account pages. Just make sure you are signed into your account, then select "My Account" then "My Membership"

Once you are here, the free game is listed on the left. You will need to install the game and take it through the checkout process in order to created an activation code under your account.

When the monthly free game is in the shopping cart, the price will populate as "0.00". Please note the backup CD is not included and you will need to uncheck it in order to remove it from the shopping cart if you do not want to purchase it.


Below are the two ways you may make a transaction for the monthly free game with "Jewel Quest 3" as the example.

The shopping cart will look like below. This example has the backup CD checked and is included within this order. Unchecking the backup CD will remove it and it's cost.


If you select the "Buy Now" option on the free game it will appear like below.



After you click on "Buy Now" and either keep the backup CD checked to add it to your order or deselect to remove, the following pop up will appear. This example has the backup CD unchecked and is not included within this order. Leaving the Backup CD checked will add it to the order.


Once the transaction is made for the free game, it will appear in your game history within your account and you will be able to active it then.

Also to note, the monthly free game does not arrive on a perfectly timed schedule - as we aim to provide the best possible content for this slot, sometimes slight delays occur as we scout for the best titles and acquire the necessary licenses.

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