What are Bonus iCoins and Lifetime Bonus iCoins?

Bonus iCoins are instant rewards Club iWin members get at the time of redemption. In the Club iWin subscription description, it is the 10% rewards on purchases.

In the example below, there is the monthly charge for Club iWin and 1000 iCoins have been added leaving the new balance of 81,900. Then a purchase for the game Jewel Quest 2 is made. First the 100 bonus iCoins are added, leaving the total at 82,000 iCoins. Then the 1000 iCoins for the cost of the game is removed, leaving the total at 81,000 iCoins.

It should be noted that your "transaction history" activity tab can be a little confusing in this regard.  Because your bonus iCoins are occurring simultaneously with your purchase, the ordering sequence can be a little off kilter.

Lifetime Bonus iCoins are the ones you've already earned in dividends for buying our games. As you receive 10% back in iCoins each time you make a game purchase redemption, it doesn't take long to get free games on us - this information is simply provided to show you the value you've accrued over time!

To see your Lifetime Bonus iCoins - just log into your account and select the 'Membership Info' tab. Here it will display your current iCoins Balance, as well as the Lifetime Bonus iCoins which have been awarded over the lifetime of the your membership.


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