Why am I being ask for payment when attempting to make a purchase with iCoins?

Here is a good (and common) example:  There are 1000 iCoins in your account and you are ready to buy a new game title. You click on "Buy Now," only to be informed that you do not have enough iCoins to complete your transaction and are taken to a checkout screen. 

This occurs because the Backup CD is a default item for the shopping cart. Backup CDs are an additional 1000 iCoins, but are not required to complete your download game purchase. You may easily remove the backup CD by un-checking the box next to it once you are at the shopping cart.

You may need to enter the security code for your protection, which may prompt you to re-enter this information before getting to the shopping cart.


In the example below, there are 1000 iCoins being used on the game Jewel Quest and Booster iCoins for 1000 iCoins, enough to purchase the backup CD (at 1000 iCoins)

From the checkout screen you should be able to:

- Review items in your cart and remove unwanted items

- Add or remove Backup CDs from the order

- Confirm entire order before submission and processing


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