Do you have a troubleshooting guide for your free online games?

Preface: If you are encountering problems, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to systematically complete all the steps contained below. Should problems persist, we will want to know about them but will need sufficient detail to make informed recommendations. Please submit all information requested at the end of this article if you continue to experience problems.

Restart your machine. If other running processes are creating interferences, restarting is useful. Once a restart has taken place persistent problems often cease. It is often wise to restart your machine after completing the other recommended steps outlined below to ensure the updates are successfully applied.

Clear your browser's history. This frees valuable space and improves browser speed, ensures that the pages you are visiting are "fresh" and not defaulting to older versions. This protects your privacy as well. Click HERE if you need instructions on how to clear your browser's history.

Ensure that all security settings are allowing successful installations and access to iWin game. Because we have ad enabled games and advertising, iWin is occasionally falsely detected and you may experience your installations/activations being blocked by security software (anti-virus, firewall, or anti-spyware). Click HERE for an article explaining why some antivirus software may cause problems for your game installations and links to the support pages of some of the most common antivirus companies.

Verify you have Administrator Access. In certain instances, an operating system (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, etc...) may not give a game the necessary permissions it needs to work as expected. This may cause the game to not start or run properly, or may cause 'saving' issues. Enabling the option to run the game as administrator may help in this case. Please review the information found HERE for instructions specific to your particular operating system.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment.This ensures performance stability. You can download the latest version from Sun’s website by clicking HERE. Additionally, it is optimal to make sure you have the latest runtime libraries installed on your computer. You can update by clicking HERE.

Verify that your Microsoft DirectX is up to date. This optimizes multimedia task performance.

Click HERE for updates to Microsoft DirectX.

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. You can download the latest version of Flash Player at the main Adobe site by clicking HERE.

Make sure your sound/video card drivers are up to date and your hardware acceleration is optimized. If your hardware acceleration is not optimized or your sound and video drivers are not up to date, you may experience systemic crashing when you attempt to play your games. Click HERE for tips on how to get started.

Test your game before completing the next steps. If your games launch and play successfully, no further action is needed.


For Windows Vista users...

Click HERE for general tips relating to our games with the Windows Vista operating system.

For Windows 7 users...

Click HERE for general tips relating to our games with the Windows 7 operating system.

If you are still having difficulties after following these steps please respond by either opening or reopening a ticket from the main page of the support portal. The more information we have, the greater the likelihood we'll be able to identify and solve your problem. By submitting as much of the following, it will help us diagnose and help resolve your issue...

Send us a screen shot capturing the issue. Click HERE for information on how to do so.

Additional useful information to provide:

- Which game title(s) are affected?

- What is your operating system (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8,10, etc.)?

- What browser are you using (Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11, Chrome, Firefox)

- What anti-virus software do you use (Norton, McAfee, AVG, CA, etc. Providing the version ID is often very useful for diagnosing false detection issues)?

- Who is your internet service provider?

- What is the specific point of failure in the installation process or game play?

- What is the exact wording of any error messages you receive?

Other resources...

For greater systems problems affecting your overall computer performance (not just iWin software), click HERE for information on other resources available to you.



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