How do I take a screen shot?

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you are trying to explain technical problems that you experience. Sending us a screen shot will allow us to understand in a visual sense (accompanied with supporting description from you) exactly what is occurring much faster than by text alone. To send a screen shot, please use the following instructions...

First, make sure that the problem screen is visible on your monitor.

Then, press the Print Screen key on your keyboard to take the screenshot

Next, you need to open up your Paint program. To do so...


From your desktop select "Start", then "All Programs."


Select "Accessories", then "Paint."




Mouse over the upper-right corner of your screen and click on the Search charm that appears (magnifying glass). Type in 'paint' to the search field...


Click the 'MS Paint' icon that appears near the left of the screen...


(...end of Windows 8 specific instructions. The remainder of the instructions apply to all recent Microsoft operating systems XP/Vista/7/8)


In the lower left hand corner of your desktop, type 'paint' into the search bar. Click the 'paint' icon that appears.


Press the Ctrl key and V at the same time to paste the screenshot into "Paint."


Select "File", then "Save As."


Select the folder to save your picture in with "Save as." Name your file with your name or alias in the file name so we can identify it later, and be sure to save it as a JPEG to keep the file size small.


Then create or update an existing ticket with inclusion of the screen shot. Once we've seen the image and your description of the problem, we will be able better assist you.

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