Do you have a troubleshooting guide for iWin games purchased from my App store?

Preface: If you are encountering problems with iWin games purchases through either the Apple or Android app store, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to systematically complete all the steps contained below.

For Apple IOS:

Try the following (please make sure you’ve saved any progress on any games/apps you currently have running):

1. Double-press your Home button to display all the current running apps at the bottom of the screen.
2. Tap and hold one of the application icons until they start to wiggle.
3. Tap on the red minus sign to close each application.
4. Press the Home button.
5. Reboot your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and launch the game again.

The game should now start.

If you're still having problems, again, there is little else in the way of troubleshooting we have to offer. There is however, one other thing to try that may help fix your issue, and that is to clear your iPhone/iPad's cache. 

This can be done by following the instructions found HERE.

If you continue to experience any issues, or need any refunds on purchased apps, please be sure to contact Apple Technical Assistance.


For Android:

Again, there is very little troubleshooting we have to offer for mobile devices. One thing to try that may fix your issue, is to try clearing your Android devices cache. This can be done by following the instructions found HERE.

For any technical issues you experience with your Android game/app, please visit the following link for information to help resolve your issue...

Android Technical Assistance
For any questions regarding refund eligibility and/or processing for a game/app purchased on Google Play and/or Amazon (Kindle), please visit the following links (please note there is a strict refund period, so you'll want to review ASAP)...

Google Play Refund Information

Amazon Refund Information





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