iWin Mobile Games: Do you have a walk through for the iPhone game application Jewel Quest?

Jewel Quest iPhone FAQ’s

Q. I’m playing the same board over and over and can’t move on. Why is this happening?

A. You have gone through all the Silver Quest levels but didn’t discover all the Hidden Quests for that particular region. Hidden Quests are specific tasks that need to be performed in each region to uncover the Hidden Quest jewel. You can find the Hidden Quest goal by tapping on the Goal button at the map screen (regional view) or tap on Menu -> Review Goal while playing a Jewel Board.




The following are the goals (specific tasks) for uncovering the Hidden Quests for each region. You will know when you’ve achieved the task by being awarded a new jewel. Strategy tips are in bold.

Central America – Match four gold coins in a row vertically or horizontally. Only levels with locked squares will drop gold coins. If you unlock all the squares, no more gold coins will fall. Restarting the board may not be a bad idea at this point.
Iceland – Melt three frozen jewels with one warming jewel. Look for three frozen jewels with a non-frozen jewel in the middle of them to move your warming jewel in.
Europe – Mimic the first three moves of your opponent (Emma or Hani). Observe the mini-board next to your opponent's avatar or your Jewel Board to identify the moves your opponent has made. The squares that turn green on your board represent the squares that your opponent has turned to gold.
Africa – Match five gold coins in a row vertically or horizontally. Easier to achieve horizontally.
South America – End a level in a tie/draw. Get one less than the goal (if the goal is “First to 24” then get up to 23 gold squares) and manipulate the jewels to help out your opponent to get the game into a tie/draw.
Australia – Obtain 150 silver coins. Worry about turning squares to gold later. Obtain silver coins first to reach 150. You have plenty of time after to turn the rest of squares to gold.
China – Complete a Jewel Board without allowing more than three monkeys falling off the board. Matching monkeys to clear them from the board does not count against this goal.
North Pacific – Complete a Jewel Board without allowing three pearls creating new squares. Matching pearls to clear them from the board does not count against this goal.

Q. The Jewel Board is too small. Can I make it bigger?

A.  You can zoom in on the board and use two-finger drag to move the board around. To zoom in on a Jewel Board, follow the steps below:

When playing a Jewel Board, tap on Menu on the bottom right.
Tap on Options.
Tap on the white box next to “Zoom In” (a checkmark should appear in the box).
Tap on OK to exit back to the game.
The Jewel Board should now be zoomed in. Use two fingers to drag the Jewel Board around.

 Normal View



“Zoom In” View





Q. Why does the game keep crashing when I launch it?

A.  Please ensure you are running the latest firmware/iOS on your device. On devices with iOS 4 and earlier, you can plug your device into your Mac or PC and launch iTunes. If your device is out of date, you should see a prompt to download and install the new device. If you are on iOS 5 or 6, you can go into your Settings app and tap on General, and find Software Update. Tap on Software Update and see if an update is available. You do not need to plug your phone into a Mac or PC to update your device but it would be wise to plug your device into the wall to keep the device from losing battery power during the update.


Also, closing apps running in the background of your device can help your device run quicker and free up memory space. To do this, quickly press your Home button (round button at the bottom of your device screen) twice. You will see a row of application icons at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold down any of the icons until you see them wiggle and a red minus button appears. Tap on the red minus buttons to close all the apps you don’t need running currently. Be sure any apps or games you have running are saved so you don’t lose any data when you relaunch the app or game. Close Jewel Quest as well…rebooting your device (power down/power up) wouldn’t hurt either. Relaunch Jewel Quest and see if this solves your problem.

Lastly, if all else fails reinstallation of the game could fix the crashing issue. Please note that you will lose all your progress if you do this. This should only be performed as a worst case scenario. Don’t worry.  You will not have to pay for the game again even though it may appear you are when downloading the game from iTunes. iTunes will inform you that you’ve already purchased the game and can download it again for free during the process.

Q. I cannot get the monkeys to go into the traps/cages. How do I get the monkeys into the traps/cages?

A. To move a monkey into an empty trap or cage, match jewels to place a monkey above, to the left, to the right, or under an empty cage. Tap and drag the monkey into the trap/cage. The monkey will now remain in the cage unless two or more monkeys become aligned with it vertically or horizontally (caged monkeys are still “in-play”). If this occurs, the monkeys in the cages are released and you will have to refill them again along with turning all squares to gold to complete the level.



Q. I have completed all boards in Hawaiian Islands, why am I not progressing?

A. After all the boards are completed in Asia, Rupert and Emma have successfully completed their goal and opened their first museum. The Hawaiian Boards are bonus boards. You’ll notice that we’ve extended the time limit here so you don’t feel quite as pressured as you were in the Quest.  After all the Hawaiian boards are completed, you have completed all the jewel boards in Jewel Quest...CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Not an easy feat by any means. You can revisit and play any of the levels by tapping on Unlocked at the main title screen. Or you can start a brand new quest by tapping on the name badge at the bottom of the main title screen and creating a new user. Thank you for playing and be sure to download Jewel Quest Heritage which is the sequel to Jewel Quest…now available in the App Store!

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