Does the iWin Games Manager require cookies?


To purchase games within the iWin Games Manager, you need cookies enabled. The iWin Games Manager uses Internet Explorer to provide its web content, so you have to turn on cookies *in Internet Explorer* if they are not already enabled. To check or enable cookies in Internet Explorer, please follow these steps:

1. Launch Internet Explorer

2. Choose "Internet Options" in the "Tools" menu. A dialog opens.

3. Choose "Privacy" in the "Internet Options" dialog.

4. Click on the "Sites" button and a dialog opens. ("Sites..." is disabled, reduce the scale setting to not block all cookies and skip ahead to step 8.>

In the "Per Site Privacy Actions" add specific allowances. In the field where it says "Address of web site:" enter Please note that this will retain all of your privacy and in general not lower the security of your web browsing activity.

6. Click the "Allow" button.

7. Click the "OK" button to dismiss the "Per Site Privacy Actions" dialog and accept your changes.

8. Click the "OK" button in the "Internet Options" dialog to accept your changes.

9. Close all of your internet explorer windows and the iWin Games Manager.

10. Relaunch the iWin Games Manager.


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