How do I solve the error message "GLWORKER.EXE is not working?"


If you receive some version of the following error message:

GLWORKER.EXE is not working

...this impedes successful installation of our software.

If this is affecting you, there are a couple of possibilities what may be causing it.  Either your Data Execution Tab settings are not optimized or other security settings (typically antivirus software) are incorrectly flagging iWin Games.

Click HERE for an article explaining antivirus false detections and some general tips towards solving them.

For your Data Execution Tab settings...

1. Click the start icon.


2. Click on Control Panel.


3. Click on System.


4. Click on Advanced System Preferences.


5. From the Performance area, click Settings.


6. Click on the Data Execution Tab.


7. Select Turn DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.


8. Click Apply.

9. Click OK.

10. Restart your computer.

11. Reinstall your game. Please contact us if this fails to successfully activate your game by submitting a ticket from the main page of this support portal.

Click HERE for instructions on reinstalling your purchased games.

If these instructions do not resolve the issue you're experiencing please reopen this ticket and let us know so we may look into other possible solutions.

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