How can I locate my purchased games?

The information below can show you how to recover games from your purchase history.

- Log into our website ( with your username and password. Please note, you will need to access the account your games where purchased under.

- Go to the "My Account" link in the top right, like below. This will drop down more options.

- Select the "Game Purchases" option. Here the list will default to any games purchased in the current month.

- To see purchase games previous to the current month, you must adjust the date range and click the "Change" button.

You should then see your date and time of purchases, the titles you have accumulated and even initiate re-installation of games by clicking on the "Download" button on the right.


If you do not see your purchase games listed here, you are not logged into the account which they were purchased under. If you are unsure of the account they were purchased under, please contact customer support for further help.

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