How May I Determine If My Computer Meets A Game's System Requirements?

You may determine if your computer meets the hardware specifications of any particular game on our site by going to the game's download page and clicking on the System Requirements link.

You may then compare them to your computer's hardware capabilities. If you do not know or are unsure of your computer's hardware specifications, you just need to pull up your dxdiag file. Here's how: 

1. For Windows XP users, click on the "Start" icon and then "Run." In the box that appears typedxdiag. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, simply type dxdiag in the search field that appears from your start menu.

2. Click "Yes"on the WHQL certificates message.

3. You can review the information at a glance and determine whether your computer will support the game.

If you are unsure, or the game does not have hardware requirements listed, you may submit your dxdiag file to our Customer Service Center and we can try to assist. Simply click the button "Save All Information" from your dxdiag window to your desktop.

4. The information contained in the DxDiag.txt file is related to hardware and software drivers on your computer only. It does not contain personal information such as webgsites, passwords, etc.

Locate the file on your desktop and attach them to a support ticket (please provide details of any issues experienced, etc.).

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