Why am I being charged $6.99 per month?

Charges in the amount of $6.99 from the site are more than likely for Club iWin, a subscription program we offer.

If you log into your account, you can confirm this within your Membership pages.

If you login and find you do not have a current membership, like in the example above, please contact support so we may work with you to locate the account any charges you are receiving are linked to.


Below is a reminder of the Club iWin benefits:

Club iWin allows members to get the games you want at the best possible price. Our members pay a flat monthly charge of the above price points and it allows them to get most of our huge selection of game titles (over 1,000!) for up to 65% off the list price - and you aren't limited by the number of games you are allowed to purchase with the discount.

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